Agent Assist

Empower Your Agents to Deliver Realtime Personalized Support

Provide contextualized data in the tools your agents use to save time and increase efficiency.


Give Your Agents More Time to Empathize and Win Trust

Eliminate time spent searching through screens to identify an issue.  Personalize your support experience with intelligent data that automatically discovers the issue and gives you a complete picture of the customer.



Get Actionable Insights to
Your Reps in the Tools They Use

TheLoops correlates all of your customer, product and operations data into your service tickets and conversations in order to identify the customer issue, present recommendations, and initiate workflows all in a single view.

Contextualized User Journeys

Agents have a complete picture of all the steps a user has made in your app before contacting support. Operational alerts are correlated with the journey providing complete context around the issue the user may be facing.


Faster Issue Discovery

Agents can quickly get to the root of an issue with automated analysis of trends across systems including:

  • Tickets and conversations
  • Operational alerts
  • Feature requests
  • Bug submissions

Personalize Support
Based on Impact

Give agents correlated context from CRM and customer success tools to understand revenue-at-risk. Derive sentiment and impact with every interaction during the resolution process. Personalize support by:

  • Segmentation
  • Revenue-at-risk
  • Sentiment
  • Or define custom criteria

Early Warning Engine

Move the Needle From Reactive to Preventative

TheLoops automated support data platform provides contextual insights to all tiers of support, helping them to adapt to evolving customer needs.

Give reps bidirectional notifications from product, engineering and operations.

Identify and alert teams on trending problems and bugs.

Monitor the state of support operations and processes.

Upskill support reps with product knowledge.

Provide Realtime Support Within Your Ticketing and Conversations

TheLoops integrates directly into ticketing systems to empower your agents to deliver realtime support.


Support Reps

Accelerate Resolutions


Enrich Conversations


Upskill Service Reps

Discover the Power of Realtime Support