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Case StudyBloomreach Empowers its Support Team with TheLoops Realtime Insights



Bloomreach is a digital experience platform, purpose-built for e-commerce. They help companies around the world to grow online revenue by creating, personalizing and scaling premium commerce experiences for customers across every touchpoint.

To reinforce its success, Bloomreach needed to ensure their customers were operating at high uptime and minimal disruption. Support plays a critical part of delivering this success.

For this reason, Bloomreach turned to TheLoops for AI-driven Insights to take their support operations to the next level.

Operations Visibility

Empower Managers with Actionable Insights

Support leaders at Bloomreach empower their teams with predictive and actionable insights from TheLoops that help ensure a repeatable and scalable support operation. With TheLoops Operations Visibility capabilities, Bloomreach acheived:

2XIncrease in Product Usage
52%Faster Resolution Time
33%Decrease in Escalations

“The value that TheLoops gives us is very clear. Fast decision-making on our part leads to superior support which in turn delivers excellent customer outcomes.”

Sanjay Priyadarshi
Customer Experience Leader at Bloomreach

Agent Assist

Assisted Support with Troubleshooting Automation

Bloomreach empowers its support agents with TheLoops AI-based insights to prioritize and take proactive action based on insights about the customer and the support issue. With TheLoops Agent Assist capabilities, Bloomreach acheived:

3XIncrease in Resolution
Rate by L1 Support
40%Fewer Interactions
per Conversation
33%Decrease in Escalations

“Our Agents supporting customers of the Bloomreach Engagement platform are working at their highest productivity ever, with real time insights just a click away.”

Barney Ninaj
Customer Support Manager at Bloomreach

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