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Case StudyHow Equinix upskilled their support agents for a 30% productivity boost



Equinix powers the world’s digital leaders with a trusted global platform that brings together and interconnects the foundational infrastructure fueling their success with hundreds of data centers across five continents

Customers like Coca-Cola, Lufthansa and BMC rely on Equinix to deliver agile, high performance and resilient digital infrastructure. Being core to the success of these customers, Equinix pays close attention to customer experience and support by listening to customers and taking direct action based on their feedback.

Because of their commitment to their customers, Equinix relies to TheLoops AI-driven Insights to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Agent Assist

30% Increase in Agent Productivity

Equinix empowers its support agents with TheLoops AI-Driven Insights by adding vital customer context to support conversations. Dynamic next best actions direct agents based on trending issues and escalation status, and impact scoring makes prioritization quick and easy. With TheLoops Agent Assist capabilities, Equinix transformed their support capabilities:

2XFaster Problem Discovery
30Minutes less handle
time per conversation
15Hours per agent
saved each week

“Visibility is key. This could be information on the number of issues reported on an individual bug and how many customer conversations are tied to it. Or the number of tickets we’ve had to escalate. It gives me an understanding of where I need to train my team. The goal of our transformation is to increase agent efficiency without losing that personal touch.”

Jeremy Brooks
Senior Director Customer Success at Equinix

Operations Visibility

Give Managers Realtime End-to-end Visibility of Operations

Support managers at Equinix empower their teams with automation and prediction from TheLoops to enable a scalable and efficient support operation. With TheLoops Operations Visibility capabilities, Equinix cut data siloes and now adjusts processes on the fly to achieve:

3XIncreased Visibility into
Support Operations
40%Reduction in SLA Failures
40Data Analyst hours
saved per week

“I’m excited that TheLoops can provide insights that my current tools can’t. This has been incredibly helpful in streamlining our workflows.”

Jamie Law
Senior Manager of Platform Revenue at Equinix

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