Upskill Your Support Reps With Product Context

TheLoops provides data insights in your ticketing tools, increasing rep efficiency and reducing Average Handle Time.

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Don’t Waste Time Searching Through Apps

Reps no longer need to scramble through apps to identify a customer issue. TheLoops correlates all of your customer product signals into a single contextualized support ticket.


Contextualize Ticket Data

Get the Right Info to Your Reps When and Where They Need It

TheLoops correlates all of your customer product signals to identify the customer issue, present recommendations, and initiate workflows in a single view.

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    Identify customer issues by correlating data from many sources.

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    Solve tickets quickly with contextual recommendations.

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    Reduce escalations and average handle time.

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    Continuous learning uses each resolution to improve the next.

Trending Cases

Identify if any customers are experiencing the same issue by correlating data from other support systems.


Operational and Product Alerts

Intelligent workflow provides two-way alerts between teams and reps warning of unexpected and known operational product issues.

User Journey

Customer and product data correlated into a timeline view of events helps to identify origin of issue and compounding factors.


Anomaly Detection

Continuous monitoring of customer product signals allows identification of trending behaviors and pinpointing of anomalies for preventative customer care actions.

Early Warning Engine

Move the Needle From Reactive to Preventative

TheLoops intelligence support operations provides contextualized insights for managers of support teams, helping them to navigate a constantly changing business environment.

Give reps bidirectional notifications from product, engineering and operations.

Identify and alert teams on trending problems and bugs.

Monitor the state of support operations and processes.

Highlight product skill-set gaps in support reps.

Contextualized View of Support Issues Within the Tool of Your Choice

TheLoops integrates directly with popular ticketing systems extending your existing investments.


Support Reps


Accelerate Resolutions


Enrich Conversations


Upskill Service Reps

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