Intelligent Collaboration

Prevent Escalations, Continuously Learn From Resolutions


No More Knowledge Blackholes

Stop losing valuable insights uncovered in messaging channels. Retain and share insights from swarming sessions with the entire team no matter which tool they’re working in.


Efficient Collaboration Between Support and Engineering

TheLoops gathers and shares contextualized resolution data throughout the collaboration process. Never ask a customer to repeat what they already told you.

  • Identify and resolve issues in real-time.

  • A contextualized and shared view of the issue.

  • Issues and bugs loged with contextual data.

  • Shared updates of feature requests and fixes.

More Efficient,
Data-Driven Collaboration

Customer product data at everyone’s fingers tips accelerates the resolution process. Everyone’s on the same page.

  • Bi-directional notifications across tools keep everyone in sync.

  • Revenue impact of every bug and feature request understood.

  • Resolution progress shared across people, processes and tools.


Use Swarming Without Losing Data

With TheLoops you can use swarming broadly throughout the resolution process. Contextual information around the issue is continuously enhanced and shared.


Intelligent Process Flows

Intelligent process flows recommend resolutions and actions within your existing tooling for frictionless collaboration. The status of each task and resolution is visible across the team.

Early Warning Engine

Move the Needle From Reactive to Preventative

TheLoops intelligence support operations provides contextualized insights for managers of support teams, helping them to navigate a constantly changing business environment.

Give reps bidirectional notifications from product, engineering and operations.

Identify and alert teams on trending problems and bugs.

Monitor the state of support operations and processes.

Highlight product skill-set gaps in support reps.

Bridge the Gap Between Support and Engineering

  • Continuosly improve your product with insights from customer engagements.

  • Prioritize each feature and bug fix with a customer revenue perspective.

  • Keep support informed with engineering updates.


See What it Means to Prevent Escalations and Continuously Learn from Resolutions