Early Warning Insights from Your SupportOps,
Activated with Automation


Efficient Growth with Data-driven SupportOps

A complete view of your SupportOps to drive efficiency and product growth.  Monitor agent performance, processes and account-based views of engagement --all integrated with process automations to support efficient growth objectives.

Increase Customer Support Productivity and Efficiency

By visualizing the performance of your SupportOps you can identify efficiency improvements, predict needs and achieve objectives. TheLoops mission control center gives you visibility of process operations, customer metrics and agent performance.

  • Manage ticket backlogs with impact analysis.

  • Predict churn and revenue risk based on sentiment analysis.

  • Understand agent performance, identify knowledge gaps.

  • Align support and engineering by correlating revenue, product and ticket trends in real-time.


A Mission Control Center for Customer Support

Understand customer support trends in realtime. TheLoops provides the predictive insights to drive productivity and adapt your operations in realtime.


Data-driven Segmentation

Create segmentations that prioritize tickets, assay customer utilization of support and predict churn, then program them into automations.


Realtime Backlog Analysis

Triage ticket backlogs using impact analysis to prioritize the most important tickets to resolve.


Early Warning System

Create and monitor Service-level Objectives with alerts. Identify trends across your support data and metrics.


Predict Escalations

Predict and prevent escalations in realtime. See issues across tickets and understand the impact on your customer.

Score The Customer Experience

Insights from TheLoops give you the power to score your support experience out-of-the-box and get visibility into sentiment, effort and outcomes.


Customer Risk Scoring

TheLoops helps you understand how likely they are to churn.


Ticket Impact Scoring

TheLoops helps you to prioritize your agent ticket queue based on impact.


Customer Attention Scoring

TheLoops helps you understand effort
put against a customer account.

Transform Support from a Cost Center to a Growth Driver


Focus on Value Delivery

Every customer engagement tracked and measured.


Operational Intelligence

Realtime visibility of operations to identify trends and avoid service-level disruption.



Accelerate process change across people and tools to meet changing business needs.

Discover the Power of Realtime SupportOps