Operations Visibility

Unlock Critical Insights From Your Operations


Prevents Service Disruptions, Adapt to Changing Business Environment

The pervasiveness of digital systems increases the risk of critical gaps between systems, people and your product. You need a contextual awareness of this data as it impacts customer operations and staff.

Understand the Gaps Within Your Support Delivery

Visualize the performance of your support operations to anticipate needs and achieve objectives. TheLoops is a mission control center giving you visibility of agent performance, process operations and customer metrics.

  • Adapt and improve support processes.

  • See agent activity by topic or customer.

  • Upskill agents' product knowledge.

  • Monitor new releases and spot ticket trends in real-time


Customer Support Misson Control

Understand customer support trends in real-time. TheLoops provides out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards with the critical insights your operations need.


Customer Impact

Single view of customer across all support and operational issues.


Agent Productivity

Identify product knowledge gaps and process bottlenecks.


Process Monitoring

Monitor service-levels, agent performance and customer metics in real-time.


Product Monitoring

Keep agents updated on fixes and feature releases. Provide visibility on which issues are getting escalated. 

Early Warning Engine

Move the Needle From Reactive to Preventative

TheLoops intelligence support operations provides contextualized insights for managers of support teams, helping them to navigate a constantly changing business environment.

Give reps bidirectional notifications from product, engineering and operations.

Identify and alert teams on trending problems and bugs.

Monitor the state of support operations and processes.

Highlight product skill-set gaps in support reps.

Transform Support from a Cost Center to a Growth Driver


Focus on Value Delivery

Every customer engagement tracked and measured.


Operational Intelligence

Real-time visibility of operations to identify trends and avoid service-level disruption.



Accelerate process change across people and tools to meet changing business needs.

See What it Means to Connect Your Managers with Operations Insights Today