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Solution BriefPrioritizing Service Request Queues with AI-Scoring


Realtime Insights on Sentiment, Agent Effort and Resolution Efficiency Can Help Prioritize Your Queues

Intelligent SupportOps gives you realtime customer insights from all of your support data that can strategically reprioritize your engagement queue. AI-based scoring allows you to understand sentiment, agent effort and resolution efficiency. Scoring enables agents and managers alike to re-prioritize day-to-day support actions for maximum impact and efficiency.

TheLoops gives you the power to score your support experience out-of-the-box and get visibility into sentiment, effort and outcomes so that you can:

  • Prioritize agent queues based on customer impact.
  • Guide managers on sentiment, trend and predicted escalations needing attention.
  • Drive decision-making efficiency with realtime insights.

Intelligent SupportOps converts data into actionable insights so you can grow efficiently.

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