Upskill Your
Service Cloud Reps, Make Them More Efficient

Make your Salesforce Service Cloud support reps more efficient by bringing all of your support data into a single contextualized pane within Salesforce. With a complete picture, issues get resolved quickly, giving your reps time to empathize with the customer and provide proactive account management.


TheLoops Makes the Whole Support Team More Efficient

TheLoops doesn't just make your Salesforce reps more efficient, it makes the whole support team better.  It does this by bringing together customer product data from system logs, alerts, CRM, messaging... to combine them into a contextualized view with recommendations for resolutions and intelligent process flows all within Salesforce and your existing tooling.

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    Resolve complex product issues faster.

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    Reduce escalations.

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    Provide observability into customer operations.


For Support Reps

Reduce handle time with contextual recommendations that identify the source of an issue and how to resolve tickets.


For Support Managers

Increase efficiency of processes and systems while aligning stakeholders across teams using dashboards and insights.


For Engineering Managers

Build a product that continuously learns from support engagement helping prioritize features and bug fixes.

See a Service Cloud Demo of TheLoops