Intelligent Support Operations

For Digital Businesses


Traditional Customer Support Doesn’t Work Any More

Stop wasting time using Alt-Tab across applications, and pulling reports from various tools. TheLoops resolves product issues faster, upskills agents, and provides real-time visibility across support operations.

Connected Support Reps

Resolve Complex Issues Faster, Smarter

Support reps work with lots of data in diverse tools to identify the customer issue. TheLoops helps reps work efficiently by analyzing signals to recommend resolutions and actions.

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    React quickly with instant problem discovery.

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    Contextualized product data brought into the tools you use.

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    Reduce Average Handle Time without multiple tool logins.


Real-time Operational Analytics

Deliver End-to-End Visibility and Efficiency

TheLoops removes silos and enables process improvements  for support managers and engineering leaders.

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    Drive alignment across engineering and support.

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    Monitor, report and act on every customer issue within the resolution process.

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    Prioritize feature requests and bug fixes.

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    Understand the impact of every customer interaction on the organization.

Intelligent Collaboration

Bring DevOps, Engineering and Support All in the Loop

Collaborate across the organization to resolve customer issues faster, while maintaining active state of issue resolution. TheLoops ticks all the boxes.

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    Continuously learn from cross-organization resolutions.

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    Get notified of state change to customer issues.

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    Understand representative journey for process improvement.


Save Money

Fast Time to Ramp-Up Reps

Save Time

Reduce Process Complexity

Engineering Partnership

Data-driven Decision-Making

Contextualized View of Support Issues Within the Tool of Your Choice

TheLoops integrates directly with popular ticketing systems extending your existing investments.


Support Reps


Accelerate Resolutions


Enrich Conversations


Upskill Service Reps

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