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TheLoops AI and Gainsight: How One Leader Is Combining Both To Align Support and Success

AI is transforming the day to day functions of so many roles especially within Customer Support and Success. To help leaders in both departments keep up and stay ahead of..

May 02, 2024

Smart Metrics Are The New Standard For CX+Support: Here’s How They’re Measured and Defined 
This blog on smart metrics is a recap from TheLoops Fireside chat conversation with Craig...

By Loops 02 April, 2024

How Can You Increase Personalization and Efficiency with TheLoops AutoQA
In our last blog, we talked about how Quality Assurance for customer support has come...

By Loops 29 March, 2024

What Is AI-Driven Support Operations? And How Can Organizations Adopt It?
This blog is a Fireside Chat Recap from our conversation with Declan Ivory, VP of...

By Loops 02 March, 2024

AI Agent Copilot: The Best Solution for Optimizing Your Customer Support Team’s Efficiency
The role of a customer support agent is challenging. Every day, you deal with recurring...

By Loops 26 February, 2024

KOHO's Success Story: Transforming Customer Support Quality Assurance and CX Ops with TheLoops AI
Read this Fireside Chat recap to learn how KOHO went from 1% of their support...

By Loops 31 January, 2024

Moving From Metrics To Impact: Evolve Your CX With AI in 2024 (Free Guide)
2023 has come to a close but the adoption of AI in CX is nowhere...

By Loops 06 January, 2024

Automated Customer Support QA: AI-Driven and Here To Stay
Quality Assurance is such a vital component of Customer Support satisfaction. And yet, the current...

By Loops 07 December, 2023

AI+Support Teams - Navigating Efficiency Together
“What has happened with the GenAI and Chat-GPT rollout in November 2022 is that...

By Loops 17 November, 2023

TheLoops Recaps TSIA Envision
We’ve all attended conferences as part of our day to day duties before. There...

By Loops 29 October, 2023

Putting The “Experience” Back in Customer Experience
Reduction in headcount has forced Support and Success teams to realize just how reliant they...

By Loops 19 July, 2023

Semantic Layers – The Key To AI Powered CX Data Experiences
To fully understand how vital a semantic layer is to powering productive and relevant CX...

By Loops 15 July, 2023

More On Topic Modeling, A Form Of AI For Customer Support
Last week on the TheLoops blog, we introduced topic modeling--an impactful way to leverage...

By Loops 23 June, 2023

AI In CX: What Does It Mean? Expand Your Knowledge Beyond GenAI
AI in CX is a hot topic thanks to Generative AI. But as we shared...

By Loops 15 June, 2023

Empowering Support Teams with AI: 3 Takeaways From Our Fireside Chat With Matt Dunn of SauceLabs
What if you could blink and magically make all of the manual processes that bog...

By Loops 12 June, 2023

Beyond Measure: Achieving Team+Leadership Alignment Using Support Insights
Data silos originate from department silos. Support is resolving, while Success is retaining. Product and...

By Loops 07 June, 2023