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You can’t fix what you can’t see so we decided to change that. Our prediction of escalation insights ensure that you and your team are aligned with the same real-time view across Support and Engineering.

More Ways We Help You Predict and Prevent

Context That Helps You Know Where To Start

Context That Helps You Know Where To Start

Likely to be escalated helps you take a proactive approach. Understand revenue impact, sentiment, incidents & first response duration–focusing your attention to the most pressing customers.
Early Warning Triggers Align CX

Early Warning Triggers Align CX

Customer Retention is a team sport. TheLoops provides out-of-the box early-warning alerts so that managers and other teams can monitor resolution updates without ever missing a beat.
Built In Feedback Mechanism With Learning

Built In Feedback Mechanism With Learning

TheLoops Prediction of escalation model is an auto-learning algorithm that learns from data and every piece of feedback–ticket, agent, resolution. And continues to improve case after case.

Sentiment Analysis: Your First Line of Detection

A key factor in prediction of escalation is Sentiment Analysis. TheLoops has 35 signals of sentiment spanning 4 different categories. These insights also help you predict churn. Download our Solution Brief to learn more.

TheLoops helps us predict escalations and informs us that, “this account is unhappy.” We can quickly tell our Customer Success Managers without having to read emails or look at every ticket that the customer opens. TheLoops helps us get ahead of problems before they become real problems.

Matt Dunn

Sr. Director Technical Success

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