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Say goodbye to limited coverage, incomplete data and inconsistent CX.    

Customizable Scoring & Weightage

Your Support Your Standards

TheLoops Auto QA evolves you beyond measuring 3%-10% of your conversations manually through time-consuming, cumbersome processes to instant efficiency with 100% scoring across all support interactions (conversations, tickets and emails).

Choose from our own out of the box Support signals and rubrics to guide your scoring or configure scoring with your own quality measures

Rapidly pinpoint areas of improvement and identify gaps across teams, product lines, languages, and geographies

Pick and choose which ticket types shouldn’t be scored via Auto QA

Assess agents and bots separately

Monitor And Measure With Ease

Help Your Agents Always Hit The Mark

Agents get to see their strengths and weaknesses. Managers get to uncover areas that require the most attention backed by solid data. And Customers—they get personalized, consistent support.

Monitor and track Agent tone, empathy, compliance, knowledge and procedures

Easy to understand: we provide trend analysis, charts and GenAI powered summaries

Automation and alerts integrate with everyday workflows to notify Managers when agent scores drop too low

Data-driven & Accurate KPIs

Accurately Predict CSAT At Scale

Measure CSAT like you’ve never done before–-with predictive power, at scale, and no delays.

Surveys are limiting and misleading—predictive CSAT, on the other hand, empowers you to understand all customers at risk of churn right away

37+ signals of sentiment go beyond positive, negative and neutral

Predict CSAT for agents and bots separately, ensuring both are solving customer issues

Clearcut Coaching Alignment

Know Where To Focus Training

Actionable insights help you coach your team to deliver world-class support. Track performance & progress in one centralized place.

Retain employees longer and boost morale with timely, immediate QA coaching plans and guidance

Agents can also see their performance and dispute scores if need be

Auto QA helps Managers route the right cases to the right agents based on skill, sentiment and other factors

How Auto QA Helped KOHO Boost CSAT

Learn firsthand how the team at KOHO went from 1% of tickets QAd to 100%–while boosting their CSAT from 4.1 to 4.6 and saving $400k in the process.

Resources for Auto QA

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  • Declan Ivory

    Somya Kapoor

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In less than 90 days of implementing TheLoops, we went went from 1% of tickets QA’d to 100% but that wasn’t all. Our CSAT also jumped up from 4.1% to 4.6%. Automated Quality Assurance from TheLoops helped us really truly see where training could be provided–-and we could dig further into specifics and gaps much quicker at scale.

Monika Aufdermauer

VP, User Success

Out With The Old In With AI

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