Solution Brief

TheLoops 37 Signals of Sentiment


CSAT and NPS have fallen short. Both rely upon surveys–an activity that most modern day consumers detest. But that’s not their only disadvantage.

  • Response rates can range from 5% to 10% at most
  • Neither approach provides a deeper, contextualized understanding as to what is really happening with the customer and
  • There is a better way to monitor customer satisfaction and predict CSAT and churn, in-real timeSentiment Analysis

Analyzing Support interactions then leveraging AI models to predict CSAT and churn can provide an accurate, comprehensive picture of customer health.

To help you learn more, we put together a Solution Brief on TheLoops Sentiment Analysis including the 4 key buckets, scores and the 35 signals we use to evaluate Sentiment. In it, we cover the upside to this AI-driven, predictive and productive way to align teams (Support, Success, Product and Engineering) around real-time customer health. Download to access.