AI Agent Copilot

Where Effortless CX, powered by GenAI, Ensures 10x Agent Efficiency

TheLoops AI Agent Copilot is available to customers using Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce and ServiceNow as their ticketing solutions. AI Agent Copilot eliminates manual, tedious work and allows Support agents to provide personalized, relavent customer support at scale

Deliver personalized experiences at scale using AI-driven suggestions, summaries, topics, sentiment and insights.

Give your agents everything they need no matter the customer, no matter the case. Eliminate tedious, repetitive manual work while simultaneously upskilling agents for stronger customer loyalty.

Topics and Contextual Case Summarization

Let Our Reasoning Engine Take the Lead

  • Provide faster, relevant resolutions with Copilot’s contextual suggestions
  • Transform customer inquiries into solutions pulled from your case history, knowledge base, Jira tickets, and event data
  • Copilot goes beyond mere information collection – it guides your agents to the right next steps
  • This all happens right within their everyday tools: Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, ServiceNow to name a few
Built In Continuous Learning Loop

AI that’s Easy To Use And Not A Black Box

  • TheLoops makes AI governance streamlined, convenient and ongoing
  • A few clicks is all it takes to inform our AI and algorithms which suggestions worked and which ones need to be refined
  • Managers and agents instantly help Copilot get more and more precise, case after case
AI-Driven Knowledge Generation

No More
Knowledge Gaps

  • Never let the knowledge get lost in case notes. Understand the usage of knowledge and gaps in real-time to keep it evolving
  • Backed by the KCS framework, TheLoops AI quickly generates new knowledge base articles the moment you close a case
  • All you need to do is review the draft, and accept or modify with just a few clicks
AI-Driven Tagging and Routing

Increase Resolution Rates With Predictive Power

  • Optimize support efficiency by eliminating manual tagging and accelerating case discovery
  • AI Agent Copilot identifies top case drivers, topics and subtopics while predicting intent
  • Smart Routing dynamically matches classified cases with agents based on real-time availability, regional compatibility, and requisite skillset
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of data you share with Product, Engineering and other teams

AI Agent Copilot: 10x Productivity At Any Scale

Level up with an
AI Agent Copilot

Studies have shown that on average, Support agents can spend anywhere from 30% to 50% of their time on manual tasks.

This creates all kinds of business bottlenecks and hidden costs.

  • Agents burnout/cap out at the number of customers they can support
  • Problems still persist, such as data lags, escalations, and churn due to silos and delays
  • Brand perception and CX suffer when the customer has to repeat why they’re reaching out for Support in the first place

This is why TheLoops AI Agent Copilot is your best path forward. Read more about TheLoops AI Agent Copilot on our blog.

And watch your CX and your EX improve by 10x.

Frequently Asked Questions About TheLoops AI Agent Copilot

Copilots leverage AI and contextualized insights to select the actions agents should take based on the topics, sentiment and impact of the customer. Assisted Support still requires the agent to conduct discovery, tag tickets, create case notes, navigate outside of the SOR which frustrates customers and delays resolution time. You can read more about this on our blog.
TheLoops AI is not a replacement for your ticketing solution. However, we do enhance it. Our GenAI and use cases are available today, no waitlists required. We offer flexibility and transparency around what types of models are deployed, how to set this for your data and much more.
We typically recommend that a company is ready for TheLoops when they have 20-25 agents at minimum. Ticket volume will depend on case complexity but the earlier you start optimizing for agent efficiency, the better as you scale.
Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated thanks to the adoption of GenAI. To ensure your bot is delivering support that meets your standards, we suggest you check out our Auto QA use case specifically for bot governance.
Our team is here to connect with you and answer your specific questions. Please use our demo link to book a call or submit any further questions via our contact page.

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TheLoops widget in Jira provides my agents with insights and recommendations to action on—leading to low effort resolutions that drive productivity. Their AI engine pulls the right knowledge articles for common issues. Searching for documentation is easier since the team does’t have to open documentation separately. This is contextual, immediate, and provides our customers with faster response.

Hanis Khaidir

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