Auto-Triage Intelligent Tagging and Routing

Say goodbye to manual tagging of tickets. TheLoops obtains insights on top case drivers through topic modeling. AI-driven routing ensures that the right cases get to the right agents based on intent, tier and skill prediction.

Real-time Automated Troubleshooting

TheLoops widgets within Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Jira automatically surface insights and context helping agents resolve issues from their very own workspaces with precision and speed.

Upskill Your Agents with GenAI

Auto-Resolution with GenAI streamlines support by offering agents past case resolution insights and trends. Summaries empower agents to promptly address customers with relevant key learnings at their fingertips.

Monitor Performance With Our Managerial UI

TheLoops proprietary views for tracking agent insights and KPIs allow you to always see handle times, impact on customer sentiment, number of escalations and more in just a few clicks.


TheLoops widget in Jira provides my agents with insights and recommendations to action on—leading to low effort resolutions that drive productivity. Their AI engine pulls the right knowledge articles for common issues. Searching for documentation is easier since the team does’t have to open documentation separately. This is contextual, immediate, and provides our customers with faster response. 

Hanis Khaidir

Director of Support

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