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Using Support Insights for Proactive Backlog Management & Escalation Prediction: Fireside Chat With SauceLabs

How are Support teams implementing AI? Most of the time, we’re hearing about the implementation of chat.  In the past, implementing AI+chatbots used to be a big, long and cumbersome project. Now a days, AI can be implemented quickly.. and one of the biggest impacts of it is reducing the amount of manual work teams […]

Bloomreach and TheLoops: AI and Delight

“Mind blowing.” These were the exact words Barnabas Ninaj, Engagement Support L1 Manager, at Bloomreach used to describe his company and team’s experience with TheLoops.  For any company that’s customer centric, this type of enthusiastic feedback creates delight all around…especially in a day and age where customer retention is top priority. And for technology companies, […]

Bridging The Data Gap: Aligning Support and Success

We’re bringing our Fireside Chat series back as promised and this time, we’ve got Camille Emefa Acey, Vice President of Customer Success at Disco joining us. Bridging the gap between Support and Success is essential these days for the customer and the company. Improving collaboration and aligning Support and Success on the same business outcomes […]

ServiceRocket Webinar With TheLoops | Scale Your CX

The right technology can do more than just increase productivity across your team. With tech-enabled support services, you can break down bottlenecks using automation, close data gaps & retain more customers. These very topics are what TheLoops CTO and Co-Founder Ravi Bulusu and Adam May, Vice President of ServiceRocket, will be discussing during an interactive […]

CX Transformation With The 3 T’s Of Ticketing

There is no silver bullet to transforming your CX org with AI. Change does take time but as they say, time is money and can also be futile to frictionless CX. If you’ve ever wondered, “At what point am I ready to utilize AI for CX/support ops?” or, “What do I need in place to […]

Paypal’s Adoption of AI For CX Shows Us What’s Possible in 2023 & Beyond

Changing support from reactive to proactive is imminent. But the magic question is, “how can you implement change quickly, seamlessly and in a cost effective manner using a stitched data approach?” 

2022 Wrap Up: A letter from the CEO

Somya Kapoor reflects on a challenging but good 2022, and shares why 2023 is already looking up.

ICYMI: TheLoops’ CEO Somya Kapoor on “Data-Driven Support with the Voice of Service” Panel at Support Driven Expo 2022

“It’s foundationally about bringing the data from all your different systems, deriving insights, and using those insights to make outcome-based decisions.”

Is AI-Driven Support Data the End of Manual Customer Surveys?

CX-oriented companies are looking for better, more-effective solutions to deliver across-the-board customer satisfaction. AI-driven customer insights provide a big part of the answer.

Voice of Service: Understanding your Customer for Revenue Retention

“Putting the customer first” is a deeply ingrained staple of the services industry. There are a lot of great things about it, but it is also the poster child for the current reactive state of the customer support model.

Q and A with Kate Leggett on the Future of SupportOps

We recently sat down with Forrester Analyst and VP Kate Leggett to hear her thoughts on the future of AI-enabled SupportOps. Her answers provide solid guidance on what’s coming next.

Intelligent Customer Experience (CX) Operations for Product Growth

The stakes have been raised on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Eliminating any friction that may give a customer reason to churn is now key.

An Effortless Support Experience Is More Important Than Delighting Your Customer

It seems that every customer wants their service provider to rise to the occasion, only this time they’re looking for an easy, effortless resolution to their issue. And why wouldn’t SaaS companies provide this?

No More Training Your Agents on How to Prioritize Tickets

Thanks to AI-enablement, you can automate more complex and efficient approaches to prioritizing your tickets.

Blueshift VP Todd Ilberg on “Doing More With Less” Thanks to TheLoops (Webinar Recap)

Todd discusses some of the challenges his company has faced as it has grown, and how Blueshift has used TheLoops to help address some of those challenges.

Managing Efficient Growth with Sean Peters of Ada (Webinar Recap)

“You’re going to see an increased focus on the importance of taking care of the customers that you have right now and ensuring that they stay. It’s about sliding up the scale from reactive, to proactive, to preventative.”

4 Proven Tips for Improving the SaaS Customer Journey with an Intelligent Support Experience

Successfully operating in a “product-led” environment means gaining visibility into the entire customer journey. Ultimately, this is what TheLoops was designed to help businesses achieve, unifying disparate, siloed data from across your organization into a holistic, convenient dashboard view that can be shared across the organization.

How Realtime SupportOps Can Drive Efficient Growth

Since support is the “face” of the service experience, it is a key player in revenue retention. And a realtime support experience powered by intelligent SupportOps can drive an extremely efficient revenue retention growth strategy.

Predictive Analytics and Automations to Power Real-Time Support

TheLoops transforms customer support from a reactive cost center to a proactive growth-oriented operation differentiating a company’s product services.

Realizing the Potential of Realtime Support

The role of customer support has evolved and today is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and its effect on product led growth is happening now.

How Customer Service Engagements Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Operations

Here at TheLoops we have developed a new framework. It’s a continuous cycle that feeds into both your product development and business operations with the ultimate aim of increasing efficiency over time.

How Customer Service Engagements Can Accelerate Product Led Growth

The world of “product led growth” requires a new customer lifecycle that is aligned with the business, reflects how customers are consuming your digital products and synchronizes with your business operations.

Getting Buy-In for New Technologies

TheLoops and Support Driven held a community roundtable with senior customer support professionals to discuss the use of technology within a Support team and how these leaders have fought for buy-in from senior management and the lessons they learned along the way.

Empowering the Customer Support Team with Technology

TheLoops and Support Driven recently held a community roundtable with senior customer support professionals to discuss the use of technology within a customer support team and how it can be best used to empower team members and an organization as a whole.

Customer Support Major Trends in 2022

We sat down with Somya Kapoor, CEO of TheLoops, to get her insights into what the major trends will be this year and how they will impact customer support.

CEO Focus – Part Two

In part two Somya speaks about contextual awareness and how it will enable businesses to deliver innovative, revenue driving solutions. Here are some of her opinions…

CEO Focus – Part One

In part one Somya speaks about founding the company and the issues it resolves in a support context. Here are some of her thoughts…

Come Say Hello to TheLoops at Technology Services World 2021!

October 18-20, is nearly upon us and we cannot wait to meet you in Las Vegas to discuss how our intelligent support operations platform can benefit digital businesses by improving resolution time and reducing escalation to assure the life-time revenue of your customers.

CTO on a Mission to Build a Bridge Between Support and Product

In a recent interview Ravi Bulusu, CTO of the TheLoops, outlined the story behind the company and how he sees it moving forward in the next twelve months or so. Here are some of his thoughts…

How to Succeed in SaaS: Secure Recurring Revenue

You’ve built a killer app and users are flocking to you. Now begins the hard work of commercializing that success and quite literally hanging on to existing revenues. While customer acquisition is where the story begins, retention is where your digital business will live or die.

How Product Data is Changing Customer Support

Last year, Salesforce highlighted that the number one priority for support leaders is to upskill support reps with product knowledge. In this blog post Somya takes a look at this important trend.

TheLoops Secures $8.75M in Seed Funding to Reinvent Support Operations for Modern SaaS Businesses

Investment Led by Dell Technologies Capital Positions Company to Meet Significant Demand for Agile, Intelligent Support Operations

How to Transform Support with Contextual Awareness in Zendesk (HINT: it’s a plugin)

Transforming your customer support experience with contextual awareness can transform your business.