Blueshift Bridges the Gap Between Success, Support and Product with SupportOps


Discover How Blueshift Uses Intelligent SupportOps

Join us to hear Todd Ilberg of Blueshift and Somya Kapoor of TheLoops discuss how SupportOps can bridge the data and operational gaps between Support, Customer Success and Engineering. Todd will share his experience of using data insights and automation from TheLoops across his landscape of Zendesk, Jira and Salesforce to expand and retain customer relationships.

TheLoops derives invaluable insights from user, support and engineering data to create a powerful unified signal, the Voice of Service. The Voice of Service contextualizes these insights to streamline every step of the customer engagement from frontline agent to engineering. It gives a holistic view of the customer account with predictive insights for sentiment, pending product issues, risk of churn, likelihood of escalation and customer attention levels. These actionable insights make teams more efficient and customers more profitable.

For Blueshift, bridging the gaps with a SupportOps early warning system is efficiently powering their customer success retention and growth plans for the future.



Todd Ilberg

Vice President of Customer Success, Blueshift

Customer success executive and digital strategist with 15+ years of experience working with fortune Fortune 500 companies delivering measurable outcomes. Passionate about building/scaling teams from 5 to 30+ that deliver meaningful impact and value from the customers that we partner with.


Somya Kapoor

CEO and Co-founder of TheLoops

Somya Kapoor is CEO and Co-Founder of TheLoops, an intelligent support operations platform for product growth. Her experience spans from building ML and predictive analytics products to product go-to-market; this was at both SAP and ServiceNow. At ServiceNow, she led expanding the ITSM portfolio to include an AI/ML strategy that included release planning and revenue management. At her previous startup, she was responsible for building an autonomous service desk solution which empower users without the use of service tickets. She is a recurring author for several publications and a speaker at numerous Enterprise Software conferences. She has been working within the space for more than 15 years.

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