The Numbers Don’t Lie
They’re Just Keeping You Stuck

In Support and CX, the metrics, numbers and KPI’s most teams are currently reporting on truly don’t convey the value of the Support especially when it comes to customer retention. AI now also provides Support leaders with more data than they’ve ever had before. As our last Fireside Chat guest Declan Ivory shared, “it’s time for Support leaders to embrace a new skillset of story telling with rich, contextualized customer data.”

To help leaders do just that, we’re opening up a discussion and would love to have your voice included. On Tuesday March 12th, 2024, we’ll discuss and explore:

  • How Fast Support Isn’t Always The End Goal
  • You need to understand: did our “fast support” actually solve the customer’s pain and help them obtain value?

  • What To Measure In Place Of Traditional KPI’s
  • The C-Suite is asking for more customer data. Here’s what should be seen as important (vs what they think they need).

  • How To Cultivate This Within Your Team Top Down
  • Speaking to business outcomes is a new muscle and skill. Ground your team in understanding why this change is taking place.

Meet our Speakers

Craig Stoss

Director of CX Transformation

Susana de Sousa

Support Expert & Advisor

Kincy Clark

Support Leader + CX Researcher

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