TheLoops for Gmail Connector

With TheLoops for Gmail connector, you can create tickets in TheLoops from your email conversations with your customer, all the message exchange in a thread get attached to your ticket.
TheLoops adds additional context to the tickets by connecting to other Systems you use in your organization.

Install the Plugin and Connect Gmail to TheLoops

1.Login to your tenant specific TheLoops web application
2.Navigate to Settings
Integrations and click Add Integration

3.In the “Add Integration” modal window, select either APITask or Collaboration Capability in the left navigation, and click Gmail connector in the list of connectors to start the onboarding process

4.Configuration tab
Provide friendly Integration name and Select Capability as APITask or Collaboration and click on Next button at bottom right corner

5.Authentication tab
Select how you want TheLoops to pull the data (by Created or Modified time) and click on Connect button at bottom right corner

6.It will open a new browser window as a popup to login with Gmail account

7.After successful gmail login browser popup window will get automatically closed and control shifted back to TheLoops web app which will further take care of Gmail connector on boarded with TheLoops. You can see the Gmail connector on the Integrations page.

How TheLoops uses Emails pulled from Gmail Add-on

  • Once TheLoops for Gmail add-on is installed and connected to your TheLoops account, you’ll be able to provides visibility, insights and automations across your support stack using Gmail. TheLoops extract sentiment, topics and various other predictions on an Email to enable support to transform into a predictive service
  • Emails sent to or from a support group to a customer are read by TheLoops and extracted for predictive text analysis.
  • TheLoops provides the visibility of these emails across all support applications like Zendesk, Salesforce, etc
  • TheLoops automation engine enables auto replies with generated content from a prediction service.
    How you do these things will be nearly the same regardless of whether you are accessing Gmail from an Internet browser or via the Gmail App for Android phones.
  • Capture Information from Your Email, Predict Next actions
  • Capture every email and customer response.
  • Understand the sentiment and alert if predicted to be an escalation
  • Enable next best actions