Moving From Metrics To Impact: Evolve Your CX With AI in 2024 (Free Guide)

By Loops · 06 January, 2024

2023 has come to a close but the adoption of AI in CX is nowhere near done. Some might say we have merely scratched the surface and 2024 will truly be the banner year of AI. As we all know, nothing happens in SaaS and CX overnight–even with the rise of Chat-GPT. 

With that said, the intricacies of modern AI implementation for CX do require a strategic and thoughtful approach.

In working with our customers and talking to Support and Success leaders on a daily basis, we recognize that effective adoption of AI and the change management surrounding it isn’t a one-time event but a continuous process.

Large-scale change, especially in the dynamic realm of CX ops, occurs at the pace with which the C-Suite, employees and AI are mutually aligned for action. 

This realization prompted us to compile a comprehensive guide on AI transformation in CX, “AI-Driven Customer CX: From Metric Driven to Consultative”, curated from the invaluable insights shared during our Fireside chats last year. 

Hear from Craig Stoss of PartnerHero, Ben Saitz of Netskope and Matt Dunn of Sauce Labs to name a few.

We also have a few guest contributors such as Rick Nucci from Guru, Sarah Hatter from ElevateCX+PartnerHero, and Emre Tekoglu of Zywave sharing their thoughts on AI for CX as well.

Four Key Themes Emerge:

–Doing More With Less Will Repeat

–Actionable Insights Are Required Across All Teams

–Agent Efficiency Is Not A Nice To Have, It’s a Must Have

–Support Must Shift From Being Metric Driven To Behavior and Impact Dirven 

Access this free guide from TheLoops AI highlighitng how AI is changing customer support in 2024 and beyond

This guide is not just a repository of information on these four themes. It is a structured resource that allows teams (Support, Success, Product and Engineering) the opportunity to reflect, evaluate, then apply new principles.

As we kick off 2024, we’re happy to share that our live Fireside chats will in fact continue this year. But for now, we’ll give you an added bonus on AI-Driven CX and let you dive into our guide.

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