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Bridging The Data Gap: Aligning Support and Success, No Data Resource Required


Customer Support and Customer Success play a critical role in keeping customers happy and retained. But anyone in either department knows it’s not as cut and dry as that sounds. For one, both departments rely on different systems of record. Support is usually accessing Intercom or Zendesk while Success may be logging into Totango or Gainsight.

Adding to the complexity, data from both systems typically requires a data analyst or data scientist to:

  • extract it
  • review it and
  • report back takeaways.

For customers with pressing challenges in this current economy, that’s not going to work.

This is where AI comes in to play. Bridging the data gap between Support, Success and even Product and Engineering can become a reality with TheLoops: AI for CX ops & teams.

We covered this and more with Full-Stack CX Leader Camille Emefa Acey, Vice President of Disco.

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Here’s a highlight from our session:

40 mins

About the Speakers

Somya Kapoor

CEO and Co-founder

CEO and Co-founder at TheLoops

Somya’s experience spans from building ML and predictive analytics products to product go-to-market at leading companies SAP, ServiceNow and other customer service startups. Her company TheLoops is transforming support operations for modern SaaS businesses. She has been working within the space for 15+ years.

Camille Acey

Vice President of Customer Success

Camille is a tech worker, a mom, a podcaster, and an occasional community organizer. She is a Full Stack Customer Experience leader in the tech industry, where she advocates for users and customers, builds partnerships, and then shares that hard-earned wisdom as a speaker at conferences. When she is not working or raging against the machine (sometimes the same thing), Camille loves cooking, weight-lifting, traveling, looking at art, and dancing to techno and house music.