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Moving From Metrics To Impact: Evolve Your CX With AI in 2024| TheLoops AI CX Guide

In working with customers and talking to Support and Success leaders on a daily basis, we recognize that effective adoption of AI and the change management surrounding it isn’t a one-time event but a continuous process.

Large-scale change, especially in the dynamic realm of CX ops, occurs at the pace with which the C-Suite, employees and AI are mutually aligned for action. 

This realization prompted us to compile a comprehensive guide curated from leaders' thoughts on the advantages of AI adoption entitled: “AI-Driven Customer CX: From Metric Driven to Consultative.”

Hear from Ben Saitz of Netskope, Greg Giletto of Bloomreach, Rick Nucci from Guru, and Matt Dunn of Sauce Labs to name a few.

This Guide is not just a repository of information on four key themes:

–Doing More With Less Will Repeat

–Actionable Insights Are Required Across All Teams

–Agent Efficiency Is Not A Nice To Have, It’s a Must Have

–Support Must Shift From Being Metric Driven To Behavior and Impact Dirven 

It is a structured resource that allows teams (Support, Success, Product and Engineering) the opportunity to reflect, evaluate, then apply new principles. Submit your name and email address to access your copy today.