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Gainsight and TheLoops Webinar with Tricentis and Genady Rashkovan

Support and Success are core functions to B2B SaaS organizations ensuring optimal customer experiences and customer retention.

And yet, they are the two key departments where pertinent customer data is often siloed.

Now, with the rise of AI that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, your understanding of AI for CX (Support and Success) will expand when you watch this webinar featuring Gainsight, TheLoops AI and Genady Rashkovan, VP of Support at Tricentis. 

During this session, Success and Support take center stage with Mike Maday from Gainsight speaking to the one lens and Genady speaking to his ability to align both orgs at Tricentis via his AI engine.

Remco de Vries chimes in to help guide you through a topic and buzz term that can mean multiple things depending on the context where Somya Kapoor, CEO and Co-Founder of TheLoops speaks to just that: contextualized insights using support data as the gold mine for NRR and product improvements.

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