Escalation Prediction

Get ahead of escalations

TheLoops Escalation Prediction identifies at-risk tickets before they escalate, enabling your team to deliver proactive support and protect revenue.

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Increase customer confidence

Escalations are time consuming and costly, and you risk losing credibility with customers. TheLoops helps you reduce escalations so your customer confidence—and your support budget—can go farther.

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Protect revenue proactively

Don’t wait for costly escalations to drive support priority. TheLoops reveals the revenue impact early so you can take a proactive approach.

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Keep success
in the loop

TheLoops escalation risk scores gets synced to all your connected tools, enabling your success team to proactively reach out about potential customer issues.

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“TheLoops has improved the efficiency of our escalation process and has helped bridge priorities between our Client Success team and Product & Engineering organization by stitching together the data that matters most to each of those teams.”

Director of Global Customer Support

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