Impact Analysis

Know your leading indicators

TheLoops Impact Analysis scores every customer interaction based on revenue at risk, sentiment, and product usage so you can make real-time decisions that drive business outcomes.

churn risk early

TheLoops provides early warning for customers at risk of churning, making it easy to enlist success and engineering to help resolve your most critical cases.

Identify churn risk early graphic

Enable data-driven prioritization

TheLoops provides data-driven prioritization of your tickets, enabling alignment between support and engineering on where to focus first.

Enable data-driven prioritization

Get ahead of CSAT with sentiment

TheLoops provides accurate customer sentiment and syncs that data to your connected tools, enabling your customer success team to reach out without waiting for a CSAT notification.

Define custom scoring criteria

Easily create custom scoring criteria using data from any of your connected systems:

Hit support SLAs graphic

Hit support SLAs

Prioritize support requests based on customer SLA commitments.

Prioritize escalations graphic

Prioritize escalations

Prioritize escalations based on churn risk and time to deal renewal.

Fix costly bugs first graphic

Fix costly bugs first

Prioritize bug fix requests based on customer sentiment and product usage behavior.

“Engineering really thinks about ARR-impacted top line metrics. It was as simple as saying, ‘hey you can see this issue is an X million dollar impact.’ It’s actually brought a huge alignment within Ada.”

Head of Customer Success

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