Join us to learn how Christina Augustine and her team embraced AI & Support Insights early on for CX.

In 2022, Bloomreach began its AI for CX journey to help their Support, Success and Leadership teams get deeper, real-time insights into trending customer topics, assign customer scoring (attention and risk), uncover areas for expansion all while ensuring improved agent efficiency and accurate, real-time tagging.

What started as a specific initiative to streamline operations has expanded into a powerful cross-team collaboration, generating the impressive AI-driven results listed below.

During this chat, hear how AI helped the entire CX org truly speak to and quantify business impact vs operational support metrics.

Why this matters now: if you’ve heard about the promise of AI but want to understand how to start, what we’ll cover is essential.

AI’s Impact On Bloomreach: Come Learn How To Achieve This Yourself

  • 37% efficiency gains
  • 40% fewer interactions per conversation
  • 8 hours saved per week per agent

Meet our Speakers

Christina Augustine

COO, Bloomreach

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