CX 2.0 It’s Real-Time, It’s Data-Driven

72% of customers believe AI offers a company a competitive advantage (Intercom). Therefore, Support services must be viewed as a strategic differentiator and an engine of growth.

To help, you need data from your Support interactions to better understand and guide your Support operations and to enable you to share data insights across your organization in real-time.

Companies with this in place improve their products faster, resolve recurring customer issues and streamline CX operations overall. And their competitive advantage becomes a compounding flywheel.

With that in mind, Somya and Declan will talk about how you can uncover yours using:

  • Topic modeling to help you classify conversations and have a better dialog with your product team so you can share real-time feature requests and bug tracking.
  • Sentiment analysis. It’s not just “good, bad or ugly.” Deeper signals into sentiment can help you predict CSAT as well.
  • What else is required for CX ops to continue optimization and drive bigger momentum on retaining customers? You’ll find out!

Meet our Speakers

Declan Ivory

VP of Customer Support at Intercom

Somya Kapoor

CEO and Co-founder

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