Beyond Measure: Achieving Team+Leadership Alignment Using Support Insights

By Loops · 07 June, 2023

Data silos originate from department silos. Support is resolving, while Success is retaining. Product and Engineering are in their own lanes and software systems, too. 

Each org is navigating frequent change and the mandate of “do more with less.”

Even though there is potential to unite and work more collaboratively, there’s just never a good time to stop, assess and realign!

As a CX leader, have you ever tried to get these teams together, without fail?

What’s priority to one function may not be a priority to the other. As a result, each team starts to wait around, tickets take longer to close out & there’s a lot of back and forth, eating up time. This is especially problematic when the customer is caught in the middle. 

What is the best way to unite all together and optimize collaboration? What will actually spark operational change and provide each department with a unified understanding of the customer’s needs?

Support Insights. Contextualized, centralized and readily available thanks to AI. 

On July 13th, come hear from Greg Giletto, Bloomreach’s Global Head of Customer and Product Support, on how he’s not only achieved cross-functional alignment and efficiency–support insights have helped Greg’s team save time and increase productivity. We’ll also hear how insights, like real-time customer sentiment, have sparked operational visibility+change at the management at the leadership level as well.

Whether your team is remote and distributed globally, or you’re back in the office and working locally, efficiency gains and collaboration from AI are always possible. 

July 13th | 1:00 pm PST

This Fireside chat is designed for participation! If you’re researching AI for the first time, or looking to expand your use cases and hear what the next level looks like, please sign up. The replay is always available.

You can access to all of our past sessions on-demand here as well. 

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