Bridging The Data Gap: Aligning Support and Success

We’re bringing our Fireside Chat series back as promised and this time, we’ve got Camille Emefa Acey, Vice President of Customer Success at Disco joining us.

Bridging the gap between Support and Success is essential these days for the customer and the company. Improving collaboration and aligning Support and Success on the same business outcomes creates benefits all around: decreased customer churn, improved customer expansion, operational efficiency and increases in revenue.

If you’ve ever wondered how to bring Support and Success together without continuing to manually track and report data on lagging indicators, or in the absence of reports overall, this How Now Series is for you.

Please join us, whether you are growing your team, or have been forced to run on “Team Lean.”

Headshot graphic photo of Camille Emefa Acey and Somya Kapoor, CEO+Co-Founder of TheLoops highlighting an upcoming event for CX transformation using AI: Becoming Data Driven

Here’s a brief glance of what we’ll cover:

  • How to start the foundation of becoming a more data-driven organization
  • How to leverage your existing data
  • When Support and Success are aligned, who answers what, when? 
  • Why AI Should Become Another Member of Your Team 
  • Using Data and AI, along with human support, for Churn mitigation and account growth

Support and Product insights are extremely valuable for Success as they handle retention, expansion and customer concerns..yet, the data each provide often gets lost as Support teams are using diff systems of record. Let’s fix this starting with our talking points and “how-to’s.”

As always, we invite you to bring your specific questions to the session, too. 

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