No More Training Your Agents on How to Prioritize Tickets

Every Support Team Needs a Way of Prioritizing Service Tickets

Whether your customer support offering is conversation-based or ticket-based, every support agent needs a way of prioritizing which service ticket to address first. Many rely on a “first-in, first-out” basis, which has the benefits of being intuitive and relatively easy to implement. Others prioritize on the basis of customer segments or perceived urgency based on information contained within each ticket.

However, the truth is many companies do not feel they have the luxury of implementing a more-efficient (and thus, typically, more complex) process of prioritizing. They scramble to stay on top of their existing tickets (and backlog), let alone reinventing processes to prioritize tickets with the most revenue impact.

As stated by Blueshift VP Todd Ilberg in our most-recent webinar, TheLoops—which took “less than a week”—was key in finally answering the question, “How do we go from being firefighters to becoming fire alarms?”

Prioritize and Automate with AI

We created TheLoops precisely to help data-driven businesses get a handle on their mountains of support data in the most seamless fashion possible. Thanks to our AI-driven platform, you can automate more complex and efficient approaches to prioritizing your tickets. And it’s all achievable in a user-friendly interface. No more agent training or time spent analyzing a ticket to determine its priority. And no coding experience necessary!

TheLoops intelligent SupportOps can pull in your ticketing or conversation data and conduct sentiment analysis. This lets you know when escalations are likely to occur, so you can get ahead of the issue before it becomes a crisis. And thanks to TheLoops Agent Assist, you can rest assured your customer support operation is at its best, with agents being provided personalized data specific to every request and updated realtime across your teams.

Take the Pain Out of Your Backlog

Regardless of which approach to ticket prioritization your company employs, the act of prioritizing by definition creates another issue: the dreaded backlog. And with the emergence of the backlog comes the same questions again: which requests do we tackle first? Are we prioritizing correctly?

TheLoops works behind-the-scenes to make sense of all your support data, including your backlog. It makes your company more efficient by ensuring your attention is focused where it will be most impactful.

Making Better Use of Support Data

Beyond merely improving your ticket prioritization, TheLoops numerous out-of-the-box integrations also integrate user data, account data, operational data and more.

Through its Operations Visibility dashboard, TheLoops unifies these disparate, incoming data sources into a single view that is easily customizable. So you are not only seeing the right data, but you can better understand how these otherwise separate data points interconnect. And you can even predict problems before they arise, thanks to realtime AI-powered analysis of your vital support data.

A Unified View Across Your Company

Our platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The data insights you gain through the platform can be easily shared across your organization. This saves time for your customers and the support team (thanks to faster turnaround times). And it also saves the time of engineers tackling complex bugs.

The platform’s data also provides invaluable information for marketing and management teams looking for areas of opportunity. By unifying your data, TheLoops can help unify the teams supporting your customers by keeping them on the same page.

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