2022 Wrap Up: A letter from the CEO

By Loops · 22 December, 2022

As we wind down the year’s activities and look forward to the happiness that comes from time with family and friends, I want to share a few reflections on 2022, and some enthusiasm for the new year ahead.

A challenging year but a good year 

2022 wasn’t an easy year for customer acquisition, and many businesses discovered unexpected value in new retention strategies. Strengthening the support department with an intelligent SupportOps platform proved to be particularly valuable in the effort to maintain and grow existing customer relationships.

This year clarified the fact that point solutions are leaving an ever-growing gap in the complex CX needs of most businesses. In response, we have made remarkable strides toward filling that gap with our platform offering.

For our customers, TheLoops paved the way to stay optimally productive, highly efficient, and proactively responsive to customers needs. The numbers are encouraging: Across the board, TheLoops helped reduce escalations by 57% and increase overall support productivity by 32%.

“TheLoops bridges the gap between support and success for us. We get something like a 5x efficiency boost—the positive impact across our teams is phenomenal.”

– Todd Ilberg, VP of Customer Success at Blueshift

Here’s what we achieved in 2022. Celebrate with us!

The momentum continues in 2023

In 2023, we’ll be building on the existing momentum of the platform. Our overarching goal remains the same however: to align support, success, and product by delivering AI insights and deep data integrations that drive unprecedented business value.

In the year ahead, you’ll see TheLoops:

“The value that TheLoops gives us is very clear. Fast decision-making on our part leads to superior support which in turn delivers excellent customer outcomes.”

– Sanjay Priyadarshi, Customer Experience Leader at Bloomreach

We’re committed to delivering more value than ever to our customers in 2023, and we’d love to partner with you in the year ahead.

All the best and happy new year!

– Somya Kapoor, CEO & Co-founder

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